fertilely precose 50 mg WOW! It’s been a SUPER busy weekend! Not only did we have a nice July 4th celebration but my mom sold a family friend’s house for her and her family! It was only on the market 3 days and since mommy dearest is at the beach, I took our friend house shopping now that she has no where to go in a month or so! And oh boy, did we do some shopping! We went all over the world and had a good time doing it!! Then today I spent the day trying to get my wild little puppy trained!

oração para restaurar meu namoro stateside bella

http://v13.lovelan.no/2414-dno46476-single-jenter-i-gjøvik.html Her’s a good girl, her just needed some training. 🙂 When I got done with that, I came home and relaxed for a little while. I had my other puppies to take care of too. I’m the crazy dog lady… Bella stays with a friend of mine but here at the house we have Pete, Lady, Diesel, Buster, Duchess, and Whiskey. Whiskey and Pete are my babies too… Diesel is the newest member! I’m sure ya’ll will see plenty of pictures of them before too long! 🙂 Even though I’ve been busy and alone at night, I did make a pulled pork… It’s one of my favorite meals to make, not to mention the easiest. It also goes a long way… It’s too much even for my family… I’m planning on taking some of it over to my sister-in-laws and maybe some to a co-worker. I’m also going to post my recipe for potato salad. BUT, I forgot to take a picture of the final product of the potato salad! I was in a hurry and completely lost my mind for a second there! Sorry folks, I guess you’ll have make it yourself to see the final product!

pedir em namoro inglês Luzern Before I start talking about that though, I wanted to touch on another subject for a second! You’ll all notice that in most of my recipes I use the same ingredients: garlic, salt, pepper, Tony Chachere’s, Worcestershire sauce, onions, and bell peppers. I do this for many reasons: 1) These are my favorite ingredients, they have their own flavors and they go well with the flavors of one another. 2) They work well with almost all dishes, there aren’t many dishes that they don’t go well with. 3) I always have them in my kitchen! Now, I told you that to tell you this, I was talking to someone this weekend about a recipe and she was saying that she had just recently gotten to where she actually liked cooking. She said her only problem with it was that she felt like every time she looked in a cookbook, there were a bunch of ingredients she either didn’t have, couldn’t find, or didn’t have a clue as to what they were. That’s the beauty of most of my recipes, if I do say so myself. 😉 While I will throw in the occasional rosemary, thyme, mint, basil, or herbs de Provence; I use the stuff that most people already have or at least they know what it is. That being said, if I ever use something that you don’t have or don’t know what it is or if you don’t know how to use it, please don’t hesitate to ask. Or if you come across another recipe either in a cookbook or on a blog somewhere, I’ll be happy to help with it as well! Now that I’ve bragged on my cooking and told all ya’ll about how good it is 😉 I will continue with the recipe for Pulled Pork!

olg casino ontario canada Pulled Pork, surprisingly enough, is a much debated dish in our household! I make mine in a crockpot. I could probably do it on a smoker, but, I’ve never tried to and why would I since it’s so easy in the crockpot? However, my brother seems to think his is better because he does do his on a smoker. I called his bluff, of course, and challenged him to a cook-off of sorts. We had it all scheduled and planned for about a month ago. I go to the grocery store, get all the stuff I needed to make it and all the fixin’s, and got to work on my KILLER pulled pork. The next day dawns bright and early and I get up to the wonderful smells of pulled pork wafting from my crock pot. I hurriedly got ready for church and as I’m talking to him after the service, my poor brother informs me, “I just got too busy and wasn’t able to smoke it. It takes a full twelve hours to do it and I just didn’t have time.” Now, some might say that he just chickened out… Some would say he’s just a busy fella. I prefer to think he chickened out because of my mad cooking skills; either way, we’ll have to reschedule our cook off since SOMEBODY, not naming names, umhmm Chance Hall, couldn’t stand the thought of being beat by his baby sister. First things first, you need a pork shoulder. I forgot to take a picture of the raw one in the package but I found one online for reference.

pork shoulder

The one in the picture expired about 4 years ago and is only 9 pounds… I usually get one that’s around 13 pounds. You can get a smaller one if you want, I do have left overs, a majority of the time. Just make sure that whatever you get will fit in your crockpot! You’ll want a whole pork shoulder butt or a Boston butt. This is what ya need:
Pulled Pork:

1 whole Pork Shoulder,

1 medium sized onion,

1 can chipotle peppers in adobo sauce,

1 12 oz. can Dr. Pepper,

1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce,

Garlic salt,


McCormick’s Cowboy Rub (all to taste- I use about 1 tbsp. of each).

Cut package of pork shoulder open and wash meat. Place the shoulder in the crockpot, fat side down. It’s very important to put the fat side down, since it’s a little greasy, the fat doesn’t stick to the crock pot and you don’t want burnt pieces of pork stuck to your crockpot. Cut the onion into quarters and place them around and underneath the pork. Pour the can of Dr. Pepper over the pork, slowly. If you do it too fast, it’ll fizz up and overflow. Now add the Worcestershire sauce over the pork, followed by the can of chipotle peppers. You can pour them on top whole, scrape the insides of the can to get all the sauce out. (You can find these peppers in the International foods section of the grocery store.) The can looks something like this:


After you put the chipotle peppers over the shoulder sprinkle on the seasonings and put the top on the crockpot. Turn it on low and slow for 10 hours!

pork before pork after

Once that 10 hours is up, let it cool down for a while by taking it out of the juices, but leave the crockpot on. I always forget that when I take it out and put it on a cutting board, the juices will run over. SO, use a bowl or platter with some kind of lip to prevent the juice from making a mess! You’ll notice that I didn’t do this and it got ALL over my floor! So let that cool off out of the juice for a few minutes. Now, taking it out of the crockpot is kind of tricky in and of itself though. This is because the meat is literally, falling off the bone. You’ll need some tongs, a slotted spoon, and a fork. Heavy artillery! 😉 Also, try to wear an apron or something you don’t mind getting pork juice on…. it will splatter and it will stain!

pork bone pork after 2

While it’s cooling, use the slotted spoon to get out the chipotle peppers and the fat. You don’t have to remove the peppers if you don’t mind having them in there, they are a little spicy though so keep that in mind if you’re serving this to kids. I leave the onions in there for little chunks of flavor though! Once that’s done and the pork has cooled, take two forks or one fork and one set of tongs, and rake the fork across the meat, holding it in place with the other utensil. Then place back into the crockpot for about 30 more minutes.

pork pulled 2

pulled pork all

Now its time to make you’re sandwich or just pile it on your plate and dig in! Here’s a picture of my awesome sandwich though:


There are several ways you can change this recipe. I like to put banana pepper rings and some of their juices in it with the chipotle peppers. It gives it a nice tangy flavor but it’s also super spicy with these. Also, after I shred the meat and put it back in the crockpot, sometime I add a good bit of barbeque sauce to it, stir it up, and let it sit for a while. I like Sweet Baby Ray’s.

What goes better with Pulled Pork than a nice potato salad? Calah’s Potato Salad of course! My nephews and my brother (the chicken ;)) beg me to make this stuff! They love it! It’s a little different but in a good way. I make it like I make the Devilled Egg Dip/ Egg Salad that I posted a few days ago, except for with less eggs and I add potatoes, of course. You can find that recipe here: Steak, Devilled Egg Dip/Egg Salad, and Pound Cake.

Potato Salad:

8 small to medium sized Yukon Gold potatoes,

1/2 stick butter,

1 tbsp. salt,

4 eggs,

1 small onion,

1 1/2 cup mayonnaise,

2 tbsp. mustard,

1 tbsp. dill relish,

1 packet dry Ranch dressing mix,

1 tbsp. Tony Chachere’s,

1/2 tsp. Black Pepper.

Cut the potatoes into quarters, place in large boiler, cover with water, add butter and salt, and boil on high heat until fork tender. My mom fusses at me for boiling it in butter and salt, says its a waste of the butter because I drain the water off. But, the flavor soaks into the potatoes, meaning, you get more flavor in all of the potatoes using less butter! In a separate boiler, put in the four eggs, cover with water, and boil for 12 minutes. While that’s boiling, chop the onion finely. Now that the eggs are probably done, place them in cold water immediately, this helps when you peel them. Peel them and put them into a medium sized bowl. Chop the eggs, add mayonnaise, mustard, onion, dill relish, Ranch seasoning, Tony’s, and Pepper. Stir it well. It’ll look something like this:

egg mixture

Now, drain the potatoes and mash them up. Add in the egg mixture and stir until well incorporated and you’ve got one heck of a bowl of potato salad honey! You don’t really know that what you’re tasting is ranch dressing seasoning, it’s got a sharp and salty flavor. You can add a little dill weed to the top for a little extra flavor but it’s not necessary. This dish is PACKED with flavor as it is and the whole family will love it. Even the people that don’t normally like potato salad. I serve it warm because that’s the way a majority of my family likes it but it’s good cold too. You also don’t have to mix it separately, I just think it’s easier to stir it all up this way! Plus, as my last post says, this makes an awesome dip so you can boil a couple extra eggs, throw them in there, and hold half of it out for a dip and use the rest for this! You don’t have to use Yukon Gold Potatoes, you can use red potatoes, fingerlings, or baking potatoes. Whatever you like! I like Yukon Gold’s in this because of the flavor. It soaks up that butter well and doesn’t have the raw earthy flavor of the red potato.

That’s it for tonight ya’ll! I’m gonna cuddle up with my puppies and get some rest! I feel like I’m getting a Summer cold or Strep Throat so I may be posting my recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup way sooner than I thought! Ya’ll have a good night!!