Hey ya’ll! Welcome to Not-So-Gourmet!
I’m sure ya’ll have read a little about me on my home page; but for those of you that haven’t I am an amateur chef, a real estate agent, and a real estate investor. I graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, moved in with my parents, started my own business, got my real estate license, and have spent the past two years developing my business AND my cooking skills! I have a BIG family, LOTS of nieces and nephews, and my puppy dogs are my babies!
I am by no means a professional cook or a professional writer, I just love food and love sharing my recipes. My grandmother and my mom taught me how to cook; nothing fancy, just good old country cooking and I’ve added to it over the years. They gave me a love of food that most people don’t have. It’s more than just a meal to help you survive; it’s comfort, it’s familiar, it’s love, and it’s family. My food isn’t about a recipe, it’s about what you like, what tastes good to you, what you want to eat. Which reminds me; I have a bad habit of not measuring and not following recipes. I make up my own and as long as it works I try to write it down. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure and give ya’ll measurements! But don’t stick to the recipe! Don’t tie yourself down to measurements! Throw in an extra pinch of salt, add some garlic, take some away (I have an obsession with garlic), add thyme, rosemary, fennel; whatever YOU like and tell me about it! I want to learn with ya’ll! This blog is not just for me to teach ya’ll; it’s for me to learn as well!
I may not teach you how to make duck confit with a raspberry glaze on a bed of kale chips…. I don’t even really know what that is. But, that’s why this is called Not-So-Gourmet; not much of that fancy stuff. I’ll give ya a recipe for an amazing Strawberry pie, some kick butt green beans, and some fried pork chops that will make you want to slap ya mama!! And I’m going to try to throw in a few healthier recipes too. I hope ya’ll enjoy reading and keep coming back for more!!